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    • English Public Law on Children has Found a More Acceptable Balance Between the Welfare of the Child on the One Hand and the Rights of the Child’s Parents on the Other than the Private Law on Residence and Contact Disputes
      by Amarit Kaur Dhaliwal
    • The Horizontal Direct Effect of Directives – Time For a Change in Direction?
      by Emma Morgaine Williamson
    • Racially Biased Juries in the Criminal Court
      by Paul Gavin
    • Why Twail Must Not Fail: Origins & Applications of Third World Approaches to International Law
      by Vikrant Dayanand Shetty
    • Poets As Legislators: Robert Browning’s Influence on the Reform on Equity in the Victorian Era
      by Morshed Mannan
    • The Case for Kosovo’s Statehood and the Use of Principles of International Law
      by Mustafa Latif-Aramesh
    • Sadomasochism and the Criminal Law: A Human Rights Approach
      by Stephen Doherty
    • Morality in Laws and Victimless Crimes
      by Danish X
    • NAFTA Chapter 19: The Good, The Bad & The WTO
      by Shivankar Sharma
    • The Interpretation of the Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil by the UK Courts is More Successful Than By the US Courts
      by Florence Gakungi
    • The Principle of Procedural Autonomy and the Principle of Effectiveness of the Judicial Protection in the Recent ECJ Case Law: The Issue of Jurisdictional Rules
      by Alessandro di Mario



  • Italian Golden Shares – a Never-Ending Story? January 15, 2013
    Jelena Ganza PhD candidate, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London   The obligation of sincere co-operation[i] of all Member States entails, inter alia, the national governments to comply with judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union and adjust national measures accordingly. Timely and appropriate compliance initiatives would be se […]

  • Saudi Arabia forbids female athletes to participate in the Olympic Games July 15, 2012
    Soon the best male and female athletes of the world will walk at the “Parade of the Nations”, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. However, only men will participate in Saudi Arabia’s team, as the country still forbids women from playing sports or making any decisions about their own lives. Despite the pressure exerted by the International […]

  • The meaning of ‘ius in bello’ June 12, 2012
    A traditional way to characterise the norms that govern the laws of war is that between ‘ius ad bellum’ (the right to engage in war) and ‘ius in bello’ (the law of armed conflict, i.e., the right which applies in a state of war). At first sight, these notions may seem unproblematic, at least semantically. They seem to simply refer to the rules that determine […]

  • Renewing the Short Selling debate in Europe March 13, 2012
    Introduction Short selling has been one of the more popularized economic concepts in the recent financial crisis; in fact, almost “no subject in securities regulation has generated more heat and less light than short selling.”[1] It has been on top of the political agenda of all major financial centres as numerous prohibitions of different types have been in. Also a discussion on cobra payday loans, their parent company Ready Money Capital Ltd and their positive impact on society […]

  • Comparison of the Status of the Monarch’s Speech in Parliament between the UK and Japan April 6, 2012
    1.Introduction Both the United Kingdom and Japan have had a constitutional monarchy for a long period of history. The monarch acts as the “head of state”, and many royal prerogatives have been removed by Parliament and the cabinet under each country’s constitution in recent years. However, the monarchs of both countries still have an important constitutional […]


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