Potential Sponsors

The King's Student Law Review is a non-profit student organisation that constantly strives to improve itself and provide a platform for students to showcase top-notch academic writing. As such, we are partly reliant on sponsors to fund best essay prizes and website development, amongst others.

Future plans

In keeping with our focus on student improvement, we hope to expand beyond the realm of publication. Apart from the Blog Series, future plans include hosting workshops and/or talks on current legal issues and academic writing. We have a number of distinguished speakers in mind.

What can sponsors expect in return

Our readership spans worldwide, stretching from the United Kingdom to India, for example. We are also active on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. We prominently advertise our sponsors and assist them in reaching a wider student audience.

Sponsors of the Review can expect to have their logo and name prominently displayed on our website, blogs, social networking pages and other printed materials. We would also be interested in working closely with you with regards to creating and developing ideas for future publications, workshops and talks.

Contact details

For more information, please contact the Marketing & Communications Manager at the following e-mail address: marketing@kslr.org.uk.