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Welcome to the Kings Student Law Review Criminal law Blog!

The King’s Student Law Review is a student-run publication that seeks to publish high quality articles from students studying at King’s College and other law schools in the United Kingdom and abroad.  The KSLR aims to cultivate the research culture within the law school and contribute to the education of all students by providing a forum to publish their work and from which they can read excellent academic writing of their peers.

As part of these broader aims, the KSLR has decided to launch a series of legal blogs in different fields of law, including criminal law.   The blogs will provide an opportunity for students to submit short notes and articles on legal topics in a less formal and less pressurised manner.  While we are still looking for high quality work with original and thorough analysis, the blog posts will be between 1000 and 2000 words and will not have to conform to the rigorous style guidelines or reach the level of depth of articles submitted to the Law Review.

The Criminal Law Blog extends to more than just substantive and procedural criminal law in Britain. The blog will cover topics in criminology and criminal justice, as well as comparative studies of criminal law in different jurisdictions.  It will also undoubtedly touch upon human rights issues.  We welcome submissions commenting on recent advancements in the law or political developments affecting criminal justice, as well as case notes or empirical studies.  Even if you are not considering a career in criminal law, this is a fast-moving and relevant area that impacts on each and every one of us, and intersects with a range of other legal fields.

The blog is ultimately a platform for students and will rely on regular contributions in order to keep relevant and interesting.   Students are most welcome to submit marked essays or course work, or write a post relating to a recent class presentation.  This is an excellent opportunity to have your work read by others and will provide you with the experience and confidence necessary for publication in a journal.  All contributions will be considered and we would be happy to work with you in order to ensure that your submission is of the standard we require.

Submissions can be sent via email to blogs@kslr.org.uk.  Please mark them clearly for the Criminal Law Blog.

Learn more about the Kings Student Law Review: http://www.kslr.org.uk/

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  1. Outstanding post, you have pointed out some great details, I as well think this is a very good website.

  2. Mortons says:

    We look forward to some articles on the latest criminal law efforts.

    More blawgs on criminal matters the better

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