Energy Efficiency in EU law: A Conundrum?

  Gianni Lo Schiavo LL.M., College of Europe
 PhD Candidate, the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London   1. Introduction Energy efficiency constitutes the third pillar of the “20+20+20” initiative of 2009 aimed at reforming climate change and energy policy by 2020 in the European Union (EU)[1]. The adoption of the Commission’s proposal on a directive for energy efficiency by the Council in October 2012[2] and its publication on 14 November 2012[3] are the ultimate achievements of the EU in the field of energy…

Accession to the ECHR: The Never Ending Story

Amanda Spalding LLM student at King’s College London   On the 1st of December 2009 the new Treaty on the European Union came into force. Article 6(2) of that treaty provided that the EU shall accede to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In July 2010 negotiations began between the Council of Europe and the European Union in the form of an informal working group to draft an agreement regarding the accession of the European Union to the ECHR. These negotiations are…

Call for Papers – 2013: European Year of the Citizen

*** REMINDER: WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR ABSTRACTS WITH A STRONG FOCUS ON EUROPEAN LAW AND ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANYTHING WITHOUT THIS EUROPEAN LINK***   KSLR European Law Blog hereby invites you to submit abstracts on the topic of “2013: European Year of the Citizen”   A ringing declaration from the EU institutions heralded 2013 as European “Year of the Citizen”, instigating debate suited to our call for papers. The KSLR European Law Blog is interested in hearing what the general public have to…

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