The Year of the Citizen: Moving Beyond Lip Service

Amanda Spalding LLM student at King’s College London   This year has been deemed the Year of the Citizen by the European Union, thus it seems appropriate to look at what it actually means to be an EU citizen today. EU Citizenship was introduced (some would say invented) in 1992.[i] It was initially a merely symbolic concept with very few actual consequences; however the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court, the Court of Justice) has over the years significantly expanded its relevance…

A Continuing analysis of the Never-Ending Story: Golden Shares after Italian elections

Jelena Ganza PhD candidate, Dickson Poon School of Law, KCL   ‘Golden shares’ challenged The ‘golden shares’ (hereafter GS) were created at the time of privatisation when the EU Member States’ Governments were actively disposing of their shareholdings in former state monopolies, such as energy companies and telecoms. Under the normal operation of company laws a loss of share ownership would normally trigger a loss of control.  However, since many of the privatised companies were operating in strategic industries which provided public services, the Governments…

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