The value of free legal advice in the Netherlands

The Amsterdam Law Bureau is a legal service run by students either in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course, and it has provided legal assistance since September 1985. Located next to the law faculty in Amsterdam, we provide legal advice twice weekly, and we assist clients with different legal issues that may arise within various areas of law, including concerns over property, contract or tort law. We also provide for aid in the public law area, thus offering a broad, subsidiary legal outlet for those…


Hot-tubbing in UK Courtrooms

The concept of “hot-tubbing” has attracted a lot of attention amongst civil litigation academics and expert witness groups in recent years. Unfortunately, it does not involve a group of scantily clad lawyers sitting around in a hot tub, but the implications are [almost] as interesting. Hot-tubbing, formally called “concurrent evidence”, is an Australian import. The basic idea is that all expert witnesses in a particular area are examined simultaneously by the court under oath and after the lay evidence has been heard, although there are…

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